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We have been a family-run business for more than 30 years, specializing in giving customers from various industries high-quality components and services made from top-notch materials.

Working with clients from many industries, we specialize in CNC machining. From modest one-off jobs to large-scale manufacturing, our factory-trained specialists can work on various projects. Our CNC machining equipment is ideal for producing the ideal product for your requirements. We can assist you whether you need prototypes or finished goods! Montgomery, TX, is where we are based, and we’re prepared to assist you with any upcoming project.

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A Variety of Industries are Served

Many industries, including aerospace and automobiles, use CNC machining. Compared to manual processes, the procedure allows for greater precision, producing goods of superior quality at a lesser cost. Additionally, it enables the creation of more intricate designs with the same amount of labor as conventional techniques.

We are satisfied working with various industries, including the oil and energy sectors, at C & M Machining LP. We’re willing to collaborate with different clients.

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We have the expertise and tools to make your vision a reality, whether you’re a little business or a big corporation.

Our shop offers customers unmatched customer care and superior precision machining. We work tirelessly to create and enhance the best products and CNC machine services. We have the skills and training necessary to deliver the best products to you and complete your project successfully. You’ll achieve quicker and more effective output with our help. Call to set up a consultation in Montgomery, TX, right away.


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